What's included?

  • Respect and dignity for you and your loved one
  • Fair and affordable pricing
  • Caring staff to assist you
  • 24 hour service line
  • Removal from place of death
  • Within King, Snohomish, Skagit or Pierce County. Additional fee in other counties we serve.
  • Cremation Tray
  • Temporary Urn
  • Care in our care facility
  • Pacemaker removal
  • Social Security Notification
  • Making arrangements online, by fax or in our office
  • Death certificate Completion
  • Cremation – under 300 lbs.
  • Storage of the cremated remains - up to 30 days - for pickup.
  • Important death certificate information

Decedent's Full Name

Removal Location

Hospital, nursing facility or coroner’s office – King, Snohomish, Skagit or Pierce Counties $0.00
Hospital, nursing facility or coroner’s office – Other counties we serve $100.00
Residence or group home – King, Snohomish and Skagit Counties $75.00
Residence or group home – Other counties we serve $175.00

County Fees

Death occurring in King County incurs a review fee $70.00
Death occurred in another county $0.00

Cremation Container

This is a cremation tray, required by law, in which the deceased is placed for the cremation process. Urn sold separately.

Statesman Casket
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(plus tax)
Standard Container $0.00

Expedite Cremation Option

Cremation to take place 24 – 48 hours after permission is received from county $250.00
Standard Cremation $0.00

Additional Weight (over 299 lbs.)

Under 300 lbs. $0.00
300-350 lbs.
Includes over-size cremation tray.
351-400 lbs. $465.00
Call for pricing Over 400 lbs. Please call for pricing

Viewing Options

Limited Family Viewing
Minimal preparation and not available after autopsy.
Witnessed Cremation $295.00
No Viewing $0.00

Urns and Keepsakes

Purchase Urns and Keepsakes from ACCA
(available after next step)
based on choices
Temporary Urn $0.00

Additional Services

Engraving (Selected Urns) $75.00
Thumbprinting (for Thumbies keepsake) $25.00
No additional services $0.00

Disposition Options

Pick up at offices $0.00
Mail basic urn
Mail cremated remains in basic plastic urn (available after next step).
Mail purchased urn
Mail cremated remains in purchased metal, marble or wood urns (available after next step).
Home Delivery $200.00
Funeral home to scatter $50.00


Please fill out both the Cremation Authorization and the Washington State Death Worksheet. This can be done right on your computer, or by printing them out. Once completed, please email them to us at acca@americancremation.com or fax to us at 360-651-9275.*

Cremation Authorization

  Download Cremation Authorization (PDF)
View a short tutorial for help filling in the electronic signature. >>

Washington State Death Worksheet

  Download Death Worksheet (Fillable PDF)

* Note for Chrome users: when Chrome downloads the file, it will appear at the bottom left of the window. Click the arrow to the right of the file name and select "Open with system viewer" to enable the fill and sign tools of the PDF. View a short tutorial for more help.


For your convenience, we accept Credit Cards securely through PayPal.

Cremation services will not be provided before payment has been received.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices as of 4/12/2017.